Monday, November 17, 2014

Crochet the Rainbow Baby Afghan and Baby set for your next crochet project

Rainbow Crochet ePattern
Rainbow Crochet ePattern

Rainbow Crochet Pattern-Afghan-Jacket and Bootie Set ePatter

One of the most popular afghans and baby sets to make is the Rainbow Crochet Pattern which includes a jacket, booties and afghan to crochet. The pattern, which has been around since the 70’s is more popular than ever and can be downloaded on the Leisure Arts website.
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Why is this pattern so popular? Because it is a timeless pattern for a baby afghan that can easily be made using any colors and can also be converted into an adult afghan to make. It’s based on a granny design with a twist
If you enjoy crocheting and love the feeling when you finally get time to sit down to start working on a project this may be the perfect pattern to start on. This pattern has everything a crochet project can be including simple DC, complicated DC, Granny Squares, HDC, SC, slip knots and everything that makes crochet wonderful.
If you love to crochet you love yarn in a rainbow of colors and styles. 
Put your yarn to good use with this simple and beautiful pattern that can be made in so many different color combinations. The ripples in the pattern easily show off every color of yarn used. You can use any yarn colors and combinations that you love to make the afghan.
Next time you are looking for the perfect baby gift this could be the blanket of choice to make. It’s wonderful if you have specific colors in mind to use or if you want to match the theme of a baby shower. This is the kind of pattern you return to time and time again to make for future gifts and upcoming baby in the future.
This is a great pattern to connect with your creativity and share with others. Because it has so many options to choose from and it is one of the most popular baby and adult afghans available to crochet!
Read the reviews from fellow crochet enthusiasts about the Rainbow Crochet pattern and decide for yourself if this should be your next crochet project. There are also several photos on Raverly of the afghan crocheted in a variety of colors.

Rainbow Baby Wrap Crochet Pattern ePattern

The Rainbow Crochet Pattern has been lost by many over the years but now it can easily be downloaded as an ePattern for those who have misplaced or can’t find their original book with the pattern.

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