Monday, November 24, 2014

Crafts and Decorating with Cardboard Letters

Kids Banners & Hanging Decor: Kids Vintage Craft Paper Patterened Letters Wall Decor - AKids Banners and Hanging Decor: Kids Vintage Craft Paper Pattern Letters Wall Decor 
Decorate with cardboard letters in any room of your house using your imagination and some Cardboard letters. The letters can be used for a variety of crafts and decorating ideas from spelling out a name on a kid’s bedroom wall to painting them to match any room of your home.  View Cardboard Crafts and Letters at Joann's
The letters are easy to decorate with stickers, stamps, crayons, paint, marker and many other craft items. They can be displayed as an alphabet, used to spell out a name, or put a saying on a wall in a bedroom or kitchen.
Personalized Letter AThe cardboard letters found online can be painted on, glued, wrapped with paper or fabric, and used many different imaginative ways. There are openings on the back of the letters so they can be easily hung on a wall with nails or adhesive since they are so light weight.
The lower case letters are perfect for a baby’s room to display over a crib or a child’s bedroom to make a collage of the alphabet or their favorite saying. These letters also make a great addition to spruce up a kitchen wall. Using colors to match the kitchen just paint them and hang up to display.
Animal LettersLetters also make a great baby, birthday or party decoration idea to spell out names, happy birthday or play games with. Use a colorful yarn to wrap around the letters to make them stand out or just put sayings or stickers on them and easily hang up and take down.
Large Crafty letters are a good size for larger displays and lettering in a child’s bedroom wall. These can be fun to work with and there is many ways to craft with the letters. Check out some of the ideas for decorating with cardboard craft letters here.
Paper Mache letters can also be used to create decoupage letters, add fabric to the letter, paint them, string together with ribbon, adding to scrapbooks, decorating a child’s room or home office or just add a whimsical look to any room.

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