Monday, October 20, 2014

Crocheter's Toolbox Secrets from the Worlds Fastest Crocheter

The Crocheter's Toolbox: Lily Chin's Techniques and
This outstanding instructional video is a must have for crochet!
It is informative, creative and right there when you need it.
Even if you are an experienced crocheters this will be your handy reference guide available to you whenever you need it.
New ideas, techniques you never would have thought of and instructions for beginners and advanced crochet.  It's a DVD or downloadable video that will show you...

Eliminate some of the most common crocheting annoyances and mistakes with Lily’s tested techniques.

For beginning and seasoned crocheters alike,

Lily’s expert advice includes:

• Chaining (or not!) the perfect foundation

• Putting your swatch to work for you

• Eliminating yarn ends, floats, and gaps
• Adding trims, buttons, and beads
• Whipping any crochet hook into shape
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This video covers all the crochet techniques that every crocheter should have in his or her bag of tricks. Make your crocheting effortless and tackle any project on your wish list with confidence!
This 198-minute, 2-disc workshop is available on DVD or as a video download
in standard or high definition.

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