Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Learn How to Paint Flowers in Acrylic with this Free Online Painting Class

This acrylic painting class will clearly explain in detail and instruction you on how to paint flowers using acrylic paints. The class is free and can be viewed online at anytime for as long as you want to take the class.
Capture nature’s brilliance on canvas with guidance from expert Micah Ganske! Working from a beautifully photographed bouquet, you’ll create a monochromatic sketch using loose brushstrokes and light washes. Then, bring each flower to life by blocking in petal shapes, refining the light and dark areas of the composition, and mixing and layering colors. Plus, add luminous warmth with highlights and glazes for a heightened sense of realism. Discover essential techniques applicable to every painting, and create a fantastic floral masterpiece in the process!

Paint a stunning floral still life with ease in this FREE class! Learn how to bring color, composition and technique together to create an acrylic work of art. Read More…

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