Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Create a Typography Wood Sign for your Home Decor

I love this Typography wall art for family signs, laundry rooms, kitchens and more! There are so many to choose from  that I went searching on how to make my own.  There are some wonderful free ideas on how to create a sign for your home decor.
Here a just a few signs you can easily create  - Your sign does not have to have the same saying you can easily change these...



  • Wooden sign, "HOME"
  • Bottle of acrylic paint- gray blue
  • Bottles of acrylic paint, white, cranberry red, brown, navy blue
  • Medium paintbrush


  1. Paint the base of the HOME sign with the gray blue, excluding the letters.
  2. Using the other colors, randomly spatter the paint onto the base of the HOME sign.
  3. Let everything dry.
  4. Using a clean medium brush paint the inside of the letters white. You will need to paint two coats. Let it dry before use.

Cricut Maker Machine

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Cricut Crafts: Dimensional Word Art by Amber of Damask Love

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