Wednesday, March 26, 2014

16 inch Strand of Celestial Crystal Beads

  These Crystals come in new colors and gleaming finishes that enhance the stylish Celestial Crystal line.  They are faceted rondelles that are opaque or translucent, and have a half-coated metallic, vitrail AB or full-coated metallic finish. They are available in 16-inch strands in two accommodating bead sizes.
16-inch strands, in 10x8mm and 6x4mm.  Customers can choose from white beads with either half-coat metallic green or orange AB; clear beads with a vitrail finish; orange beads with a half-coat smoky AB; translucent light pink beads with half-coat light citrine; or metallic cobalt or purple beads. The design possibilities are plentiful with this selection of new rondelles!

Free Shipping for Most Countries on Orders over $349. Ends on Jan. 23rd, 2018 PST

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