Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fun and Easy Halloween Pumpkin Crafts

One Eyed Mummy Pumpkin
One-Eyed Mummy Pumpkin 

What's better for Halloween than to use Pumpkins (real and artificial ones) in your Halloween craft projects and to decorate for the Halloween Haunt. Here are a few of our favorite fun and free ideas that can be created the Halloween season. Be sure to save this page or Pin it to share with others so they can enjoy all of the Halloween Pumpkins to create!



1. Cut the cheesecloth into strips and Mod Podge® to pumpkin. Cover completely. Add a topcoat and allow to dry.

2. Cut out a 3" circle for the eyeball. Cut out the mouth off to the side of the eyeball.

3. Paint the ball with Limeade. Allow to dry. Paint a black circle in the center. Allow to dry.
4. Hot glue the eye in place along with spider.

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