Saturday, September 28, 2013

Free Online Mini-Class Introduction into Figure Drawing

Master figure drawing as you learn classical techniques for rendering from live models! With Watwood’s guidance, you’ll progress from a simple block-in sketch to a gestural drawing to a polished piece with depth and dimension. Learn how to set up and light a live model, and how to use graphite pencil and simple angles to create an accurate outline for any figure. Add life-like energy as you incorporate gestural lines, then carve out the form with hatching, shading and highlighting techniques. As a bonus, Watwood will show you how to create custom toned papers to add a unique touch to your work.
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Drawing: A Complete Guide Drawing: A Complete Guide
This is an essential book for anyone learning to draw, or wishing to improve their drawing. Starting with the basics of drawing techniques, Civardi gives expert advice on drawing portraits, the clothed figure, hands and feet and scenery, finishing with a section on the importance of light and shade and on the nude. Civardi's technical advice and practical tips, accompanied by his own outstanding drawings, make this an invaluable resource for any artist.

Basic Drawing Techniques Basic Drawing Techniques
Richard Box explores line, tone and color with numerous step-by-step illustrations and many finished drawings.Taking his inspiration from nature, he shows how to interpret subjects in a personal and individual way.

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