Saturday, September 28, 2013

Free Online Mini-Class Introduction into Figure Drawing

Everyday Sketching: 31 Still Life Prompts by Jon Stich

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Artist, illustrator and educator Jon Stich encourages you to see everyday objects in a new light in this daily practice class. You’ll sketch using gouache, brush pens, and graphite pencils. After establishing a familiarity with the tools, color-mixing, and finding shadows, you’ll progress to illustrating objects from your day-to-day life. Jon Stich’s technical guidance will help you to identify value and compositional elements, and by working daily you will establish a routine that is both reflective and exploratory.
Learn how to:
  • Work with a limited palette
  • Work with gouache
  • Identify value and shadows
  • Use a brush pen
  • Draw and paint from still life
  • Work with transparency and opacity
  • Create form in a drawing or painting

People Watching: A Daily Portrait Challenge by George McCalman

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