Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Acrylic Painting: Basics & Beyond Online Class

Advanced Acrylic Painting by Jon Stich


Discover the essential techniques you need to paint confidently with acrylics! 
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Artist, illustrator, and instructor Jon Stich spent years developing his signature style. In this class, cover the fundamentals of acrylic painting before moving on to more advanced techniques in order to find your own. First, make representational paintings by finding midtones, light tones, and dark tones. You’ll work with a limited palette and mix colors to paint a still life, a monochromatic portrait, and finally, a color portrait. By following Jon’s clear and concise methods, along with his friendly insight and patient instruction, you’ll find a new way to both see and craft color, leading to thoughtfully-assembled portraits.
Learn how to:
  • Paint using a limited palette of 4 colors in acrylic paint
  • Keep acrylic paint wet and workable
  • Mix colors using primaries
  • Find a midtone, light tone, and dark tone in a reference photo
  • Establish values in your painting

Acrylic Painting for Beginners by Lisa Solomon

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