Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Free Ceramics Painting eBook to Download

Lots of projects and instructions fill this free eBook of crafts 
Don't let the cover fool you this is one fun eBook toAs craft enthusiasts all of enjoy receiving free ideas and projects that others share with us. Recently a fun new craft eBook came across my computer called Ceramic Painting Creations and Painting Techniques from the Ceramics at Home Web site.
The eBook is a free PDF download that features step-by-step instructions of free unpainted ceramic crafting ideas. What makes the book interesting from my perspective is that it’s a hobby my grandmother enjoyed and it has brought new ideas and projects to me as a grandma myself that I can share with my grandkids.
Ceramic Painting Creations eBook is a 53 page guide that is easy read and the crafts make wonderful art projects for kids and adults to enjoy. Once you download the book according to the Web site “you can learn how to use unpainted ceramics to create 3-layer-stickers, blending colors, dotted effect, feathered marble, gauzing, leopard print design, lace design, patchwork, puffy sponging and many more techniques.”
The layout of the book makes it easy to follow with a list of supplies you need for each project, photos and step-by-step instructions for creating your designs. Some of my favorite patterns are the patchwork, stamping, Zebra print, tape painting, and the animals and holiday themes.
Fortunately there are so many painting creations to make from this book you will find yourself going back to it time and time again to start something new. These will be a great addition for learning how to improve your techniques and create special crafts for your home and as gifts.
To download the book all you have to do is fill out the simple form and download it immediately on your computer, tablet or other devices that support PDF filesJust follow the link to learn more about the Ceramic Painting Creations and Painting Techniques book and download your free copy right now.
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