Thursday, August 8, 2013

Learn Basic Fondant Techniques with a FREE Online Class

The Wilton Method of Cake Decorating by Wilton Instructors
Want to learn how to bake and decorate cakes but not sure where to start? In this 4-week foundation course, you'll learn a little bit of everything--baking tips, buttercream basics, and an introduction to fondant and royal icing--straight from the pros at the Wilton Test Kitchen. 
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The course begins with a lesson on baking the perfect chocolate cake as well as proper techniques for torting and icing layer cakes. After that, we move on to easy cake decorating techniques, such as applying buttercream with a decorating bag, creating a beautiful two-tiered fondant cake, and making gorgeous drop flowers from royal icing. This information-rich course is perfect for beginner bakers, giving you the core techniques that will get you started on your cake decorating journey. 

The Wilton Method: Three Ways to Ice a Cake by Wilton Instructors

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