Saturday, August 10, 2013

How to Make Halloween LED Lighted Jars

Evergreen Enterprises, Inc Something Spooky Glass Mason Jar



  1. Paint one Mason jar orange jar and the other jar black and allow them to dry.
  2. Lightly sand the jars to reveal the lettering and numbers on the jars.
  3. Lightly paint the black jar with the white chalk paint the make the letters stand out.
  4. Using the Hats, bats and cats paper packet create hats to go onto the jars lids.
  5. Using the glue cover the edges of the jar lids and then sprinkle them with glitter each a different color and allow them to dry.
  6. Attach the hats to the jars using the tacky glue and allow them to dry.
  7. Add any embellishments such as ribbons, pipe cleaners or the paper bows from the paper packet.
Lifesize Posable Skeleton
Lifesize Posable Skeleton

Jack O Lantern Halloween LED Lighted Jars
I found these adorable LED 3 Piece set of Halloween Mason Jars online here... for the price of $14.99 but I thought if I could make some myself I could save the money especially having a few mason jars around the house.  Here are a few of the free projects I found to make some cute Halloween decorations that light up...
Make this pumpkin using orange tissue paper, Mod Podge, strong adhesive and LED lights.
Find the complete instructions online here....

More Mod Podge, tissue paper, and tea lights are used to make these simple Halloween guys 

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