Monday, July 15, 2013

Red Heart Boutique Treasure Yarn Free Crochet and Knitting Patterns

Use the Red Heart Boutique Treasure yarn for many colorful projects
Red Heart Yarn has so many great projects on their web site and if you have a favorite yarn or are looking for a project or pattern to create using your favorite yarn there are several to choose from on the site.There are so many projects to knit or crochet using the varied coloration Red Heart Boutique Treasure Yarn.
The yarn is a soft self-striping varied shades of color that will bring a special look and highlight your project. It brings a subtle burst of vibrant colors to your garments and blankets. Choose to make a pair of cuffs for your boots using this yarn or add a little style to a handmade sweater.
Another great way to use the yarn is for colorful afghans as it makes a warm and cozy blanket or throw to knit or crochet. It is made from 70% acrylic and 30% wool and washes up easily by hand. Boutique Treasure Yarn comes in 3-1/2 ounces (100 grams) 151 yards and the colors are watercolors, tapestry, abstract, spectrum, portrait, mosaic, and horizon.
It’s a truly nice yarn for making scarves, cowls, hats and sweaters. The yarn has nice color changes and is easy to work with. You can find the yarn on sale at Joann’s Web site . It is also available at Walmart online and in stores.
One of the best things about the yarn is that Red Heart has a bunch of free crochet and knitting projects available on their Web site featuring this yarn. You can choose to crochet a button up neck warmer, knit a jacket, crochet collars for you boots, knit a garden sweater, crochet a cowl, knit a granny square afghan, or make some hats and mittens. All of these projects and patterns can be found for free here on the Red Heart Website.
With the beautiful colors and the endless variety of items to knit or crochet with the Red Heart Boutique Yarn how could you go wrong?

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