Thursday, July 18, 2013

Painting with Ice Cubes

Ice Cube Painting craftStep 9 Ice Cube Painting
Ice Painting for Summer - Boy it sure is hot and what better way to beat the heat than with a few ice cubes and arts and crafts for the kids.
I found two different ways of creating ice paint. The first one is great and can be used for all sorts of fun paint projects indoors and out.  Just get some ice cube trays, food coloring, craft sticks, some plastic spoons, and a few small plastic bowls along with paper to paint on. Once the cubes are frozen the kids will love painting with these until they are melted
The next way one I found is using ice and paint
The author said that she liked using Tempera paint  for this activity.  The paint is non-toxic and can be found in the children's art section. All you do is freeze the paint.  You can make solid colors or multicolored ice paints using this method. You will have to water the paint down a bit in order for it to freeze. The paint cubes can be used indoors or out.  These can be fun in a plastic swimming pool.
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