Friday, July 19, 2013

Make Yummy Ice Cube Stars and Bugs Treats

Look what I made for the kids coming to visit tomorrow!
Instead of using food coloring I purchased some of those Wax Candy Bottles like we use to get as a kid (yes they still sell them). Since I didn't want the boys chewing the wax I cut open the tops of the wax bottles and added a drop to each star to give it flavor, added sticks to a few, and dropped in a few gummy bugs
Believe it or not these treats taste sweet and are small so not a lot of sugar in the tummy.

For a couple I used a flavored drink mix.  My choice was lemonade but strawberry, grape, orange or any flavor will do.  Just mix up the drink mix in a picture or glass with water and pour into the trays.
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Here is my supply list.


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