Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to make an Indoor/Outdoor Cushion

Indoor/Outdoor Box Cushion
If you are looking to update your outdoor patio furniture with new cushions and new fabric here are some helpful and easy ways to make some new cushions and add some new fabrics.
If you covers are faded and worn or if you just need a change try out some of these looks.
Once you change out the fabric try spray painting the frame for an additional update.
First get some nice outdoor fabric something like these available at Joann Fabrics
WeatherSoft Outdoor Living Cushions and Pillows Outdoor Living cushions and pillows to make

Easy Sew Outdoor Cushions

Try out the FREE Easy Instructions for the Sew Easy Outdoor Cushions with step by step instructions here...

Carrigan Outdoor Dining Chair Cushion

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