Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Free Online Craft Classes

Want too Learn something new this summer? How about an
The Ultimate Makers Package - Only $120 at Craftsy.com! For only $120, get a year’s subscription to Craftsy Unlimited, an exclusive coupon to spend on your favorite supplies, plus all the perks you could want (hint: free shipping on our orders!).Online class Free from Craftsy.
Free class or check some of the classes out below...
  • Know Your Wool: Do you wonder where your yarn comes from? Learn about different types of wool and the individual characteristics of each.
  • The Hand-Painted Cake: Elevate your cake with Erin Schaefgen's freehand painting techniques. Create beautiful and edible works of art with Erin's tips and tricks.
  • Creative Quilt Backs: Make the back of your quilt just as interesting as the front! Oh, Fransson! blog author Elizabeth Hartman walks you through everything you need to know to make beautiful quilt backs.

Sew Ready: Machine Basics Sewing Class Free Class
Online Sewing ClassOnline Knitting Class

Free Class Figure Drawing Online Class: An Essential Guide

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