Sunday, May 5, 2013

Free Kindle Craft Books Baking Cookies, Crochet Patterns, Iron Man Costumes and More

  Amazon has quite a few good Kindle books that are free on a daily basis.
Be sure to make sure before downloading them that these are still free they are subject to change at anytime.
Here are a few great free Craft books to download this week on Amazon. From Baking to crochet and more you can find a lot of great books...
No Kindle is Required...

But baking cookies is not really that complicated.It can be fun and easy even for beginners with "How to Bake Perfect Cookies: Cookies Baking for Beginners, Including Easy Following Cookie Recipes." This guide will teach you how to get started with baking cookies and will give you all the baking tips you will need to bake mouth watering cookies. 

This is a great crochet guide for a beginner that covers all the details on getting started and builds your confidence to tackle projects including:
Potholder or Dishcloth
Electronic Device Covers
Scarf (Adult and Child Sizes)
Blanket/Throw/Baby Blanket
Basic Baby/Infant Sweater
Basic Adult Sweater
Hat for Adult or Child
Craft Business: Sewing Books with 99+ Places To Sell For Profit + 60+ Sew Resources like Etsy, Dawanda, eBay, Pinterest & Beyond (From Passion To Profit: ... & Resource Reference Guides - Volume 1)Do you want to discover some unique and profitable sewing ideas and profitable opportunities plus have access to 2 of the most complete, ultimate, and updated craft and sewing resource reference guides at the same time?
Now you can get access to some truly exciting sewing opportunities that you can use to make money ASAP together with these two ultimate resource reference guides. Everything has been packaged into one ultimate easy to consume sewing opportunity and resource reference compilation.

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