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Download Fashions in Quick Crochet PDF eBook

Fashions in Quick Crochet: Hats Bags & Trims, Coats & Clark Book No.302Only $1.00 for immediate download of the PDF File
Fashions in Quick Crochet
Book No. 302
J. & P. Coats ⋅ Clark's O.N.T. 
Original Copyright 1953
Originally published by The Spool Cotton Company, this pattern booklet contains a number of quick projects to crochet hats, bags, trims, etc. in the 1950's fashion style.
Patterns and instructions for:
  • Hat and Bag Set S-448: Whether you travel every day of the week or embark only at vacation time, you will find this roomy carry-all bag and feather-light turban are a girl's best friends on bus, train, car or transatlantic liner!
  • Hat, Bag and Collar Set S-449
  • Striped Hat S-450
  • Ribbon Trim Cloche S-451
  • Sequin Trim Hat S-452
  • Crocheted Jacket S-453: This double-purpose crocheted jacket is smart enough to cover bare-top evening gowns, yet simple enough to wear with skirt and blouse.
  • Crochet Trims -- Fashion's Newest Favor! Whip up a few yards of crocheted braid or trim and apply at will to your blouses, sweaters and skirts -- you will love the "luxury" look this inexpensive new fashion bestows on your wardrobe!
    • Braid and Buttons S-454
    • Skirt Trim S-455
    • Ribbon Braid Trim S-456
    • Ball Fringe Braid S-457
    • Braid Trim S-458
    • Braid and Pearl Trim S-459
  • Striped Bag and Purse S-460
  • Knitted Blouse S-461
  • Checkerboard Bag S-462
  • Embroidered Bolero S-463: Snuggle up in this fringed bolero, scattered with tiny rosebuds!
Format:PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile - Immediate download upon purchase.
No. of Pages:16

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