Friday, March 15, 2013

Make Your Own Green and Homemade Cleaning Products

Having small grandchildren around it got me thinking that I need to start using some of these homemade cleaning products.  Using natural ingredients like baking soda, olive oil, and vinegar to make items to clean your bathroom to polishing your furniture I came up with a list of a few of my favorite home cleaning ideas.  Each link below will take you to the Web site where you will find out how to make the product at home.
Also, be sure to check out Pinterest for more green cleaning product ideas....
Ultimate Green Organic Towels
Go to the dollar store and pick up a few spray bottles or re-use ones at home.  Most items can be found in grocery stores and drug stores.
1.  Make Your Own Soft Scrub Cleanser  - This is great for cleaning counter-tops and surfaces just use a little baking soda, Castile soap, water, tea tree oil and vinegar.
Water Spray Bottle
2. Best Carpet Cleaner - A homemade carpet cleaner really comes in handy when the kids spill or the dog makes a mess and there is nothing to clean it with.  Just takes some vinegar and dish soap.
3.  How to Make your own Dish Soap - Here is a safe way to make dish soap to clean dishes well using a few drops of vegetable glycerin, water, and tree tea oil.
4.  Soap Scum Remover - It's not natural because you add some Dawn dish washing liquid but it does remove soap scum.
5.  Five Homemade Cleaners with Labels - Window cleaner, air and fabric freshener, bleach cleaner, the cure-all, and printable labels for each one you make.
6.  Going Natural Recipes for Cleaning - A list and recipes for all natural cleaning items from all purpose cleaners, dusting spray, toilet bowl cleaner, granite cleaner, glass cleaner, tub cleaner, and grout cleaner all using natural ingredients.
7.  Lavender Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener - Takes a little time to make but can save some money for cleaning your clothes.
8.  Fruit and Vegetable Wash - Using all natural ingredients for safe washing
9.  Homemade Toilet Cleaner - Keep you toilet fresh and clean using baking soda and vinegar.  Be sure to check out the other natural cleaners on the same page such as oven cleaner and drain cleaner.
10.  All Natural Wood and Laminate floor cleaner - Water, Vinegar and rubbing alcohol in equal pars and using it with your Swiffer Sweeper or Rubbermaid Reveal mop that is refillable with your own cleaner can clean floors really well.
BONUS - Check out - 5 Amazing Homemade Glass Cleaner Recipes - Includes the Best Homemade Glass cleaners that you can make at home!
If you have any tips for cleaning, organizing or making things please share with us in the comment section...
Make some Eco-Friendly Swiffer Cloths at Home

Natural Glass Cleaner Concentrate, Makes 32 ounces of cleaner

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