Thursday, February 7, 2013

What to do if your Yarn has a Smell to it - Yarn Washing

Bernat Pipsqueak Yarn (250g/8.8 oz), Grape Swirl

Recently I started a baby project using Bernat Pipsqueak yarn.  While I like the way the baby project is looking the yarn has a chemical type smell to me and after a few hours of crocheting it really bothers me. I was thinking of returning it to the store but I have already gone through a skein and 1/2 and don't have the receipt for the other skeins.
Found one answer for this problem at craftworld here...
The smell is not that strong but it can be detected once you start unraveling the yarn from the skein. It could be from the yarn dyes.  I purchased the yarn at Walmart and went to the store to see if the other ones on the shelf had an odor.  You can detect it if you put your nose to the yarn but it's more prominent once you are crocheting or knitting with it.

#1: Place yarn or knit item in a closable container and add a (or more) dryer sheet(s) and close container.  Allow to stay for a while (as long as possible).
#2: Place yarn in clothes dryer and add a (or more) dryers sheet(s) and tumble on AIR for a short time. (Tumbling too long can cause yarn to pile).
#3: Expose to outside fresh air(not in sunlight) until odor dissipates

Does anyone have a way to wash yarn before using it on a project? Have you ever had problems with a yarn like them before.  I am thinking maybe I need to switch to an all cotton or even an organic yarn especially when making something for a baby.  If you have any suggestions I would appreciate you posting a message below.  I would also like to know what others suggest the best yarn is they have used for a baby project.
Answer the following:
What is the Best Baby Yarn?
Have you ever had a chemical smell to your Yarn?
Can yarn be washed before making a pattern?
Fill a bucket, bowl or sink with warm to hot water and a bit of no-rinse wool wash like SOAK. Push your skein into the water with your hands, holding it under until it's completely saturated, then let it hang out in the water for 10 minutes or so. Don't agitate the yarn unless you are looking to full or felt it!

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