Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to Join Yarn When attaching a New Skein or Color

How to Russian Join Yarn Ends in 7 Easy Steps
This is one of my favorite tips for joining yarn together.  I always had knots or lumps until this method. 
Lion Brand Yarn shows us how to Russian Join Yarn which is an excellent technique when attaching a new skein or changing colors of yarn. The best thing is that it creates a secure join, so you can keep crocheting or knitting without having any yarn ends!  The Lion Brand Web site shows you how to complete the Russian join in 7 easy steps.  The site shows how to join two different colors but this can easily be done with the same color yarn.
Keep in mind that this will only work on feltable fibers like non-superwash wool, alpaca, mohair, and so on.
Felted Join Tutorial

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Fixation Yarn Chocolate Fixation Yarn Chocolate
Fixation from Cascade is a nice, soft and stretchy yarn. Great for spring/summer projects: socks, tops, hats, jackets, accessories, etc.

Yarn Pet Duo(tm) Yarn Pet Duo(tm)
Streamline the knitting process and get rid of tangles!This handy duo tool will keep your yarn tangle-free and tensioned while you're knitting with 2 different colors. It's designed to let yarn turn freely on its base, eliminating tugging and snags, and it has vinyl feet to prevent it from slipping and sliding all around. Made out of maple hardwood, the dimensions ensure it won't tip over and can hold 2 (5") diameter balls of yarn on two 8" guide rods! It is lightweight and measures just 7"W x 7"H x 13/16" thick (after removing the post and rod), so it is perfect for the on-the-go knitter!

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