Monday, December 10, 2012

How to Make a Dinosaur Cake Online Class

The Wilton Method: Mastering Buttercream by Wilton Instructors

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The techniques covered in Part 1 will be the foundation upon which all of your buttercream skills are built. (Literally.) Stephanie demonstrates how to prep a cake for icing by leveling and torting it, and then explains how to mix the ultimate buttercream icing with ideal color and consistency. Finally, you’ll learn how to use a decorating bag and spatula to ice a perfectly smooth cake with a decorative star border.
Learn how to:
  • Bake a great cake
  • Level and torte cakes
  • Make buttercream icing
  • Create correct icing consistency
  • Tint icing using Color Right system
  • Use a decorating bag correctly
  • Prepare and fill a decorating bag both with and without a coupler
  • Fill cake layers using the "dam" method
  • Ice a cake smooth with a spatula
  • Ice a cake smooth with a 789 decorating tip
  • Further smooth icing using parchment paper
  • Add texture to icing using common kitchen utensils
  • Create a star border using a Tip 18

T REX  Have a Roarsome Birthday Dinosaur Edible Dessert

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