Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Free Kindle Book Homemade Christmas Gifts

This Kindle book is free to download for a limited time.  No Kindle is required - download on Kindle, iPad, iPhone, laptop, PC and other applications.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love the decorations, being surrounded by family, time of quiet reflection and busy (sometimes crazy) get-togethers with loved ones. 
And then of course there are the presents. I used to have a bit of a “love/hate” relationship with Christmas presents. I loved being able to give nice gifts, but always felt like we had to keep up with what everyone else was doing. The whole commercialization and keeping up with dollar amounts was getting to me. 
That’s when I decided to focus on more meaningful homemade gifts. I put some thought, time, effort and lots of love into each present I made. What I didn’t do was put a lot of money into them. 
They were very well received by family and friends. In this short book, I would like to share some of those ideas with you. 
I hope you will take some time this season to make your own gifts. Share them with friends, family, or even your child’s teacher or the person that delivers your mail. 
You don’t need to be super crafty for many of these gift ideas. I’m including a wide variety of ideas and I’m sure just reading through the pages will give you more ideas of your own as well.

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