Friday, November 30, 2012

Winter Wonderland 17 Free Crochet Patterns for Winter

Winter Wonderland

Another Free Crochet eBook to download filled with Winter patterns from allfreecrochet.
There are hat patterns, scarf patterns, mittens and gloves, and cold weather patterns sets to crochet.
You can view a sampling of the pattern on the Web site or
Download Winter Wonderland: 17 Winter Patterns to Crochet now!
Get 100s of card making ideas from Annie's!

Crochet a pair of mittens for someone and warm up their hands during the cold winter months.
pair of warm mittens makes a great gift for any one of any age. They can be made quickly using an easy pattern and some warm knitted worsted weight yarn.
What is the best yarn to make a pair of mittens with? It varies from a thicker yarn to keep hands warm to a softer yarn to keep a child or babies hands warm. Choose a durable yarn so that they wash and wear well and make sure it’s not itchy on the hands.
Some like to crochet mittens with a wool yarn but there are many yarns available such as Lion Brand Wool-Ease Yarn, Red Heart Super Soft Yarn, Cuddle Fleece Yarns, and many more so search for the best for your project!Free Crochet Mittens Patterns

3-D Winter Holiday Gift Tags

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3-D Winter Holiday Gift Tags craft
Kids and adults can have fun making these 3D gift tags using glue, glitter, markers, Model Magic clay and scissors.  These can also be used as ornaments to decorate a tree.
This makes a fun kids craft and a great keepsake to add to your presents.
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Crayola Store Model Magic Presto Dots Minis: Cake/Ice Cream
Crayola Store Giant Coloring Pages - Scooby-Doo

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Receive a Free Download of Crochet a Woman's Hooded Scarf and Mittens Pattern

Our newest pattern has arrived on Kindle
The pattern featured is a Crocheted hooded scarf pattern and mittens in 3 colors to crochet.
If you would like to receive a FREE copy of this pattern in PDF format via Download 
Click this Link to win the Free Pattern giveaway
You can also order this pattern on Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook.
If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will get back to you quickly.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Knit a Blissful Afghan Pattern - Free and Easy pattern

Blissful Adghan
Finished Size: 45" x 60"
Worsted Weight Yarn:
451/2 ounces, (1,290 grams, 2,965 yards)
29" Circular knitting needles, size 17 (12.75 mm) or size needed for gauge
Note: Afghan is worked holding two strands of yarn
GAUGE: In Stockinette Stitch, 9 sts and 12 rows = 4"
Cast on 102 sts.
Rows 1-12: Knit across.
Row 13 (Right side): K 14, P2, (K6, P2) across to last 14 sts, K 14.
Row 14: K9, P4, (K4, P4) across to last 9 sts, K9.
Row 15: K8, P2, (K2, P2) across to last 8 sts, K8.
Row 16: K8, P1, K4, (P4, K4) across to last 9 sts, P1, K8.
Row 17: K 10, P2, (K6, P2) across to last 10 sts, K 10.
Row 18: K8, P6, (K2, P6) across to last 8 sts, K8.
Row 19: K8, P1, K4, (P4, K4) across to last 9 sts, P1, K8.
Row 20: K 10, P2, (K2, P2) across to last 10 sts, K 10.
Row 21: K9, P4, (K4, P4) across to last 9 sts, K9.
Row 22: K8, P2, K2, (P6, K2) across to last 10 sts, P2, K8.
Repeat Rows 13-22 for pattern until Afghan measures approximately 57" from cast on edge, ending by working Row 22.
Last 12 Rows: Knit across.
Bind off all sts.
FREE FOR YOU from Leisure Arts, Inc. ©2012 All rights reserved. These instructions may be photocopied and shared with your friends. They may not be sold. We have made every effort to ensure that these instructions are accurate and complete. We cannot, however, be responsible for human error, typographical mistakes, or variations in individual work. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Patterned Bows and Gift Wrap

Want to make some great decorations and gift wrap for your holiday packages?

How to Make a 3D Paper Snowflake: 11 steps (with pictures)

Snowflake Ornaments

3D paper snowflakes look beautiful hanging in a window or on a wall, and they're an easy winter craft. Here's how you can make one


Monday, November 26, 2012

208 Free Crochet Christmas Patterns

12 Awesome Free Christmas Crochet PatternsCandy Cane Patterns and Xmas Recipes34 Snowman Decorations and Crochet Snowflakes12 Free Easy Crochet Patterns for Holiday Visits
The Christmas season sneaks up on us every year and it seems like there is less and less time to make our Christmas gifts.
That's why this page of 208 Free Christmas crochet patterns include home decorations, snowmen, teacher gifts, crochet gifts, Christmas ornaments, Christmas afghans, wreaths and so much more.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Peace Sign Granny Square Crochet Afghan

Peace Love and all that jazz goes into making this one-of-a-kind retro afghan pattern
Below is a great  Free good granny square pattern to create a beautiful afghans if you want to find one check out the link below for some groovy peace sign granny squares to make.
Peace Granny Square  - This one gives fairly detailed instructions

Tuff Granny Throw - Free Crochet pattern

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Easy to Make Christmas Ribbon Wreath

Here's a fun and festive way to make a Christmas Wreath from ribbons.
All you need is an assortment of holiday ribbons, floral wire, and Scissors.
  • Take four lengths of florist stub wire and twist ends together to make one long length.
  • Select a variety of colored ribbons in various widths and cut into 12cm lengths.
  • Leaving 2.5cm of wire clear at each end, knot ribbons on to wire, pushing them up close, until wire is completely covered.
  • Bend wire round and twist ends together to form a ring.
  • Knot on more ribbons to cover wire ends. Then trim away any long lengths of ribbon and hang your wreath.

Friday, November 23, 2012

How to Make a Button Wreath Ornament

If you are looking to make some fun and easy crafts this holiday season take out your buttons and get ready to make some button wreath ornaments.
All you need is some floral wire, buttons, ribbon,scissors and pliers to create these ornaments.
More Free ornament patterns
Free paper craft projects for any occasion! Click here to start browsing. 

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