Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Vintage Crochet Book a Collection of Vintage Patterns

We have a new Kindle and Nook book available to download on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
This pattern book is digitally formatted and updated and made easy to read on your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Laptop, Nook and other applications.
Check out some of the photos of the patterns by clicking on the Amazon link...
The book is created using various crochet patterns from the past.  Some of the patterns include baby items, afghans, toys, doilies, kitchen, bath and home decor plus a whole lot more.  
Here is a list of all of the patterns in the book...
Afghan Patterns
Classic Granny Square
Chevron Afghan
Ripple Afghan
Square Afghan
Baby Patterns
Basic Baby Bib Pattern
Crochet a Baby Blanket
Crochet Shell Stitch Baby Set
Block Crochet Bedspread
California Bedspread
Calico Bedspread
Wild Rose and Scallops Doily
Orange and White Blossom Doily
Candy Doily
Ripple Rhythm Doily
Handkerchief Edging
Rose Edging
Towel Edging and Pot Holder Edging
Kitchen and Bath
Chevron Pot Holder
Victorian Ladies on Guest Towels
Coasters to Crochet

Basket for Kitchen or Bath
Striped Kitchen Set
Rose Bathroom Set
Runners and Placemats
Daisy Field Runner
Luncheon Set Place Mats
Round Doily Place Mat Set
Placemat and Table Runner
Sweaters, Clothing and Accessories
Blouse with Drawstring
Slip-On Sweater
Diagonal Scarf
Yellow Hat and Bag
Toys and Dolls
Lavendar Doll
Large Toy Duck
Elephant Toy
Toy Ball
Miscellaneous Crochet
Pretty Tablecloth Pattern
Sweet Baby Blanket
Square Rose Doily
Dusting Mitt
Square Pillow Pattern
Fan Afghan
Bedspread Pattern
Rug with Stripes
Shawl Pattern

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