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Game on green and gold Perler bead projects

Game on green and gold Perler bead projects 
These fun pattern made using Perler beads are great for kids and adults
Kids and adults will enjoy making their favorite football team shirts, footballs, and helmets using the free pattern link below and Perler beads.
The free Game On Perler pattern can be found on the Perler Web site here. The colors of green and gold from the Green Bay Packers, which of course are a favorite here in Milwaukee, are featured on the site, next to the Pittsburgh Steelers.
The pattern is easy to make just purchase some of the Perler beads, in your team colors, online or at your favorite craft store.Download the Game On project patternand follow the instructions provided.
Be sure to supervise small children as these beads are small and can present a choking hazard. Also, the project requires ironing which an adult should do.
The project is a fun activity for teachers, parents and family fun. Create school team colors, NFL teams and more. So whether your team is going for the championship or you just want to show your team spirit you can create them easily with these great beads.
Green Bay Packers
Besides the free football team projects there are also basketball patterns, free Halloween projectsstep-by-step videos, scenes to create, picture frames, holiday ideas and many more. Projects can be sorted by age range, and vary in skill level from easy to the more difficult.
The best thing about the Perler patterns is that they are free, and have many cools designs, plus they are fun for the whole family! All the projects come with a printable pattern sheet making them easy to read.
There is also a store finder on the Web site where crafters can find out where to purchase beads.
You can find many of the Perler bead items on Amazon 

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