Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Make a Song Flower Pot

What you need
 Sharpie Permanent Markers
 A simplistic craft idea to make for your garden!
Purchase a plain flower pot or paint one with gloss spray paint.
Get your Sharpie Marker and write out your favorite lyrics.
I am going to make this one using my favorite lyrics from Reba's Angel Lullaby song (you can see the video below) This is my favorite song for the grand-kids.
Midnight moonlight shining through the curtain lace
Paints a perfect picture on your perfect face
One sweet angel sleeping in my arms
You are the promise I knew God would keep
You are the gift that makes my world complete

And you'll never know how much I love you

But I'll keep on telling you my whole life through
Now I believe in miracles, and you're the reason why
So dream on while I sing you my angel's lullaby
Find the step-by-step details to make a pot on this DIY Web site

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