Monday, August 6, 2012

How to Make Paper Pumpkins

Paper Pumpkins
Yes, it's that time of year again. Time to start thinking about making our favorite fall crafts.

This pattern originally appeared on the Martha Stewart Show on 2010

Create a pretty patch of decorative pumpkins using scrapbook paper and a screw punch.

Tools and Materials
  • 2 pieces of 12-by-12 paper in 2 different shades
  • Paper trimmer or craft knife and ruler
  • Screw punch or small hole punch
  • Twine
  • 2 small brads
  • Leaf template
  • Green and brown crepe paper
Paper Pumpkins How-To
1. Cut 12 1-inch-wide strips from each color. Punch a hole 1/4-inch from each end of each strip. (To make sure the holes line up, punch holes in one strip and then use that strip as a template for the rest.)

2. Stack the strips, alternating colors. Tie each end of a piece of twine just below the head of a brad, leaving about 5 inches of twine between the brads.

3. Thread one brad through the holes at one end in the stack of strips and fasten, with the head of the brad on the wrong side of the paper. Thread the other brad through the other set of holes, again from the wrong side, pulling the strips into a "U" shape. Fasten.

4. Gently fan out the paper strips from the "U" shape into a pumpkin shape.

5. Print leaf template and trace onto crepe paper twice. Cut out two leaves and punch holes where marked. Cut a 2-inch by 3-inch piece of brown crepe paper for the stem and punch a hole in the approximate center.

6. Carefully loosen the top of the brad on the paper pumpkin and slide the two leaves and brown stem onto the brad. Refasten. Pull the sides of the brown crepe paper up and twist to make stem.

Tip: Pumpkins can be folded and stored by removing the bottom brad from the holes and collapsing the strips. To make a smaller pumpkin, cut 9 9-inch by 7/8-inch strips from two colors and tie 4 inches of twine between brads.


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