Sunday, June 7, 2015

Crochenit free patterns and tutorials

Crochenit combines the art of knitting and crocheting with just one needle.
It's fairly easy to do and lots of fun to learn this technique.  Another similar technique but a little more difficult to learn is Tunisian Crochet.
It's much faster to and easier to do, and uses less yarn than regular knitting or crocheting.
All Crochenit patterns are designed to made using a Crochenit hook or needle 
Crochenit Hook
Leisure Arts has a similar technique to Crochenit called Knook where the patterns are look like knitting but are done with one hook and is also to do.  You can learn more about the Knook Here...
Crochenit allows you to make hundreds of different patterns from baby booties, potholders, to large afghans and more. 
The easiest way to learn how to do this technique is to purchase your Crochenit Hook and watch these FREE Video tutorials...

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