Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Crafts Beach Bag Towel Combo

Chick-lit author Giffin gets us to root for her protagonist, Rachel—even though she's had an affair with her best friend's fiancé—in this story about a group of friends who share a summer house in the Hamptons.
Some of my towels are just the wrong color or with my beach towel I don't use it very much, so when I came across this craft for the beach bag towel combo I thought this would make a wonderful bag for carrying my summer items!
1. Place a standard-size bath towel lengthwise on the floor. Place a matching hand towel on top of the bath towel's left end, so that one long edge of the hand towel meets the bath towel's short edge.

2. Sew the opposite long edge of the hand towel to the bath towel. Sew both short sides of the hand towel to the bath towel 4"-5" in from the edge.
3. At the open end of the attached towels, securely sew a 24"-25" strip of nylon webbing or sturdy ribbon to the underside of the hand towel and another to the facing side of the bath towel.
4. Flip the bag inside out and tuck the remaining length of the bath towel inside (use it to dry your hair).

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