Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kindle Download Vintage Bathroom Sets to Crochet

This eBook is available on Amazon Kindle, No Kindle is required you can download on your iPad, iPhone, PC, laptop and other applications.  
Crocheting a rug for the bathroom is a fun project especially when looking to match bathroom colors and decorating your bath. These vintage bathroom crochet patterns feature one of a kind rugs, bath mats, tank and toilet seat covers and more.
Garland Rug Bentley 2-Pc. Shag Bath Rug Set
Patterns include:
Deluxe Flower Bathroom Set
Floral Bathroom Set Pattern
Swan Bathroom Set
Ocean Rug and Toilet Seat Cover
Toilet Seat Cover and Tank Cover (Plus Loop Stitch Rug Pattern)
Footprint Bath Mat

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