Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ideas and Tips for Decorating Easter Eggs

If you are looking forward to boiling the eggs and decorating them for the spring time Easter celebrations here are a few ideas and techniques you may find helpful in the Easter fun!  We have rounded up a few of our favorite techniques and Easter decorating tips to get your creative juices flowing.

From dyeing eggs naturally to tutorials on eggstravogant eggs to decorate there is something for kids and adults.
1.  11 Ways to Naturally Dye Easter Eggs - This Easter dye your eggs the natural way using Coffee, blueberries, onions and other household items.
2.  9 Unique Easter Egg Decorations (Readers Digest) - Bluebird eggs, Your name eggs, Daisy eggs, and many other unique designs.
3.  How to Make Leaf Print Eggs (Family Fun)  - Using white vinegar, food coloring, and a few leaves this is a fun project for the family to enjoy.
4.   Cool Crayon Color Eggs - Use Crayons and other materials to make fun eggs.
5.  Five Ways dye Eggs (SkiptoMyLou) - Ways to dye eggs using rubber bands, stickers, and more!
6.  Lace Eggs (Martha Stewart) - This Easter, take hard-boiled eggs to new heights by embellishing them with lacy patterns. Once the eggs are dyed and dry, pile them in a large bowl to use them as a centerpiece.
7. Dinosaur Eggs (Barefoot Kitchen Witch) - I don't know about you but little boys and girls seem to love dinosaurs and making these eggs would sure be an extra special treat!
8. Simply Smashing Shell Eggs (Family Fun) - This method makes the most of an egg's delicate nature: shells are dyed and crushed to create an irresistibly bumpy finish. So go ahead and break the mold -- and the shell -- when decorating your eggs this year.
10.  Plastic Easter Egg Crafts  (Family Fun) - After they've given up all their Easter candy, give your plastic eggs an adorable second life as an owl, skunk, dog, cat, pig, or mouse.
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