Saturday, March 17, 2012

How to Create Flower Embellishments from Card Stock for Scrapbook

Here's an idea for a delightful daisy (cardstock tear art instructions)
What you will need:
Cardstock material list...
Pink Card stock for flower or color of your choice...

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1. Coordinating center button
2. Fast set glue or use a hot glue gun suitable for card stock
3. Optional micro glass beads or clear glitter to achieve a "dew" look on each card stock leaf
Card Stock Petals

1. Trace five (5) petals onto Pretty Pink card stock using the pattern provided below.
2. With the Vivid side of the flower facing you, tear along the outside edge of each of the five traced petal patterns, tearing the paper towards you.
3. Dip each cardstock petal into water and pat off excess water with a paper towel. Each cardstock petal should be damp but not wet. Pinch the narrow end of each petal until it forms a spoon-like shape.
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4. While the cardstock petal is still damp, curl the edges of the petals (either outward or inward) by rolling the edge of the cardstock petal between your fingers. Once you have the curl you want, allow the petal to dry. 
5. Once dry glue the petals together to make a flower using a glue gun of paper glue. Place a small spot of glue on the pinched end of one petal and stick it to the pinched end of another petal. Repeat until all petals are in place.
Card Stock Leaves
1. Trace and tear two (2) leaf shapes from the Spring Green  card stock.
2. Dip each leaf in water and pat dry as noted above with the cardstock petals. Pinch the ends of each leaf and then curl one of the pointed ends to the desired shape. Allow the cardstock to dry.
3. Put glue on the non-curled pinched end and glue it either underneath or between the petals.
1. Glue coordinated button of your choice to the center of your card stock flower.
2. For few "dew drops" on the petals, apply a light line of glue to the edge of some of the petals. While the glue is still wet, sprinkle clear micro glass beads or glitter onto the glue. Allow to dry before handling.
3. Now admire your beautiful card stock flower made with card stock. Experiment with colors and layout to make your card stock garden grow.
Completed card stock flowers with glitter dew drops on cardstock petals

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