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A Collection of 11 Vintage Crochet Afghan Patterns Kindle and Nook Patterns

No Nook or Kindle is required to download this eBook.  Download on your iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, laptop, and many other applications
An Afghan is a thing of beauty to crochet. This collection of 11 vintage afghan patterns from the 1940’s is filled with colorful and unique patterns.
Cape Cod Afghan
Carriage Cover Afghan
Charleston Garden Afghan
Harlequin Afghan
Highlander Afghan
Mexicana Afghan
Old Versailles Afghan
Pin Wheel Afghan
Sea Shell Afghan
Two Tone Afghan
Wigwam Afghan
Photos and Complete pattern(s) provided

Crochet a Vintage Diagonal Scarf Pattern - Vintage Crochet Scarf Pattern Kindle and Nook Edition

No Kindle or Nook is required to download these patterns. Use your PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad and many other applications.
Crochet this vintage pattern of a diagonal scarf that measures approximately 11 x 42 inches. This classic scarf has a unique look and makes a great gift. The diagonal design creates a wonderful pattern to crochet.
Photos and Complete pattern(s) provided

Free Print Dinosaur Party Projects

Dinosaur Personalized Coloring Book
If you are planning on  throwing a Dinosaur party for a little one's birthday there are some great free printable available online to help make this one special day.
The Dinosaur Delight Party Kit offers free printable decorations, invitations, thanks you cards and more.
For fun party games and coloring pages check out the list of links below and make sure your printer has plenty of ink and great paper to print everything you need for one great party!
1.  Free Printable Dinosaur Party Pack Invitations, Decorations and More from HP
2.  Free Dinosaur Coloring Pages for Kids
3.  Free Dinosaur Games and More Online Games
4.  How to Make a Dinosaur Cake by Betty Crocker
5.  Another Free Dinosaur Cake Idea
6.  Free Dinosaur Party Games
7.  Dinosaur Party Ideas
Dinosaur Cake Pan 
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