Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quick Items to Crochet - Kindle Download

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These vintage patterns are as follows..
A collection of 20 vintage crochet patterns make great items for gifts, craft fairs, and home decorating. 
Learn tricks to transform everyday store items into charming shower gifts or conversation pieces for your home. Make intriguing additions to your wardrobe, or fast money¬makers for craft fairs. Originally made with J. & P. Coats or Clark's O.N.T. threads, these Quick Tricks will be budget-savers to you and objects of admiration to your friends!
Rose Kitchen Set
Candy or Nut Cup
Daffodil Hanger
Fuchsia Hanger
Gladiola Curtain Tie-Back
Daisy Chain Curtain Tie-Back
Shade Pull Doll
Hat and Bag Set I
Hat and Bag Set II
Circular Handkerchief Edging
Floral Slippers
Bridal Garter
Jewelry Set
Hot Plate and Platter Mats
Plate Ruffle
Dish Cloth Apron
Salad Set Pot Holder, 
Headband or Belt
Basket Towel Set
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