Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kindle and Nook Patterns - Rugs to Crochet a Collection of 14 Vintage Crochet Rug Patterns for Your Home

A collection of vintage rug patterns to crochet for your home. Add a special crocheted rug to your bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen or any room of your house with this beautiful collection of 14 patterns.
Sculptured Block Rug
White India Rug
Sectional Tufted Rug
Loop Stitch Rug with Border
Loops Oval Rug
Loops Circular Rug
Fish Rug and Toilet Seat Cover
Rugs with Kittens
Tapestry Rug
Americana Rug
Ring Around Loops Rug
Two Tone Rug
Colonial Squares Rug
Woven Rug

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