Friday, February 24, 2012

Free Hop Along Bunny Knitting Pattern

A Sweet little bunny to make to hop into your child's arms! Knit this striped bunny in three bright colors and create a comforting friend that can go wherever a child goes.
The skill level is easy and is made with Red Heart bubble gum, hot pink and daffodil yarns.
The bunny measures 16" tall.


  1. Hey guys, did you carry the yarn or cut the yarn on this pattern?

    1. The Red Heart Web site has a great video that answers this question just go to the link and scroll down for the video.. they talk about using a circular needle....

    2. Thank you, that just describe the different methods of knitting in the round; I was more curious about switching the colors, whether to carry the yarn up the rows or to cut it and switch each color change. I decided to cut it, so far it is working very well, just a lot of stray ends!


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