Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Knitting Socks - Vintage Sock Patterns to Knit for Men, Kids and Women - New Kindle and Nook Patterns

A new knitting pattern to download through Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble Nook.  No Kindle or Nook required you can download through your computer, iPad, iPhone, and other applications.
These vintage patterns include patterns for men’s socks, kids and women. The majority of knit socks are for men. Patterns are from 1954 so materials and gauge will have be adjusted and modified. 

Patterns Include:

Man’s Striped Socks
Man’s Shaded Socks
Man’s Little Fish Socks
Men and Boys’s Ski Socks with Cross-Bands
Man’s Argyle Socks
Man’s Cabled Socks with Squares
Men and Boys’ Fair Isle Sport Socks
Man’s Gray Socks with Black and White 
Man’s Fair Isle Socks
Man’s Two-Color Cable Socks
Man’s Short Cable Socks
Men’s and Women’s Ski Socks with Cabled Cuffs
Big Girl’s Lace-Ribbed Socks
Big Girl’s High Socks
Kids All-Over Design Socks
Kids Fair Isle Socks
Child’s Striped Socks
Little Girl’s Lacy Socks


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