Thursday, November 17, 2011

Knit the Robitussin Scarf Free Pattern

Every time I see the Orangutan from the Robitussin commercials I am immediately drawn to the striped green and blue scarf.  Now, mainly I crochet, but I know how to knit at least a scarf and I new this pattern had to be a knitting pattern for the striped scarf.  I searched around online to find the pattern that would be an ideal copy to make the striped scarf and this is what I discovered. (Scroll down for free patterns and ideas)

Jewel Strip Scarf and Mitts
This pattern comes from the UK but has been adapted to US knitting instructions.  This is a great pattern that mimics the commercials scarf and you can make matching finger-less mittens to match.  View the free pattern in PDF fomat here...
They also provide a chunky striped scarf pattern here..
Red Heart yarns has a Pride of the USA scarf that can be made in various colors and they can be made for donations to the Special Olympics.
Pride of the USA Scarf
The free Knitting pattern is here...

Beginner Striped Scarf
Free Hats and Scarf Crochet Patterns

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