Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vintage Doilies to Crochet - A Collection of Doilies, Chair Sets, Runners, Placemats, Runners Crochet Patterns from the 1940's and 1950's

A collection of vintage doilies, runners, chair set covers, place mats, runners, and more to crochet. A compilation copyright of patterns from the 1940's and 1950's . Over 35 crochet patterns included with complete instructions and photos. 

The patterns include:

Jiffy Luncheon Set
Bedroom Doily Set
Coffee Table Cover
Chair Set
Tatted Doily 
Ring of Roses Doily
Spanish Fan Doily
Thistledown Doily
Pineapple Scroll Doily
Chair Set Doilies
Butterfly Luncheon Set
Butterfly Runner
Butterfly Night Table Doily
Round Doily Number 7123
Bread Doily 7131
Placemats and Runners 7132
Round Doily 7272
Round Doily 7318
Centerpiece Table Doilies 7444
Placemats 7708
Placemats 7709
Square Doily 7710
Tray Mat 7711
Placemats and Runner 7712
Placemats and Runner 7713
Pineapple Doily 7714
Doily Mats 7715
Doily Covers 7716
Runner 7717
Placemats and Runner 7718
Cloverleaf Doily
Setting Sun Doily
Shooting Star Doily
Windmill Wings Doily
Spin-a-Way Doily

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