Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Make a Yarn Wreath Using Scrap Yarn

Winter Pales Pom-Pom Wreath (Crafts)

Making a wreath out of yarn can be made several different ways. Some can be made out of hangers and yarn while other can be made with yarn and craft balls. This project makes a great gift for a knitter or crocheter.

Select yarn colors of your choice. Use scrap yarn or purchase inexpensive yarns that coordinate well with each other to use for wreath decoration. You can easily make a wreath to match a room, holiday wreath with reds and greens, a summertime or spring wreath with bright colors, or a autumn wreath with the colors of fall. Leaves Of Yarn Wreath (Crafts)
Leaves Of Yarn Wreath (Crafts)

Using a Styrofoam ball in the size of your choice as a base. Choose a yarn and begin to wrap the yarn around the ball. (The Styrofoam ball is used instead of a full ball of yarn to be more conservative and to make the wreath lighter).

After the ball is completely wrapped fasten is securely with a pin or hot glue.

Using your wreath form estimate how many balls of yarn you need in order to complete your project. Try and make at least 20-25 depending on the size of the wreath. Be sure to make enough in order to cover the form.

Layout a pleasing pattern using different size balls of yarn to make your wreath attractive and to your taste.

After completing all of your balls of yarn you can fasten the balls on to the wreath base by using hot glue to glue each ball to the form or using wire.

You can use galvanized wire to create a base form and make a wreath the size of your choice. Be sure to leave a few inches for fastening. With this method you can poke each ball of yarn through the wire and string them onto the wreath form. End by hot gluing the ends together.

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