Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to Create, Design and Print Fabric

If you ever wanted to design your own fabric patterns and print them there is a web site that helps you do this. Create custom printed fabric and even enter in a weekly design contest.

Orders of $35 & up Ships Free.

Turn on your computer and go to the web site address www.spoonflower.com
Click on the button that says Design and print your own fabric Get Started Now.

Before signing up you may want to read the FAQ section about designing fabrics. Here you can learn about design and creating fabrics. When designing fabrics you have to make sure that you images will print clearly and what type of background you are using.

Choice of colors plays a role in designing a fabric. Also choices of colors and shapes.

Create a Spoonflower account by registering or if you can't wait upload a design to get started creating beautiful fabric right away and then register at a later date.

Upload designs and print fabrics it is all free to use. Your designs are private unless you make them public and want to sell them. There is no minimum set up fee or order and you are allowed to order a swatch of your design for as little as $5.

Change your design repeats and preview the fabric online in a variety of choices.

Once you choose your design and would like to print the fabric you can choose from a variety of natural fiber fabrics.
Fabric can be purchased and used in a sewing, quilting, and patterns of your choice.

Use a computer art program to design your fabric. You can check out some free ones recommended on the spoonflower web site. This will help you design fabrics.

Free Shipping, 40% Off, and Free Samples

The FAQ section also provides copyright information and lots of other useful tips.

Quilted Symphony--A Fusion of Fabric, Texture & DesignQuilted Symphony--A Fusion of Fabric, Texture & Design

Summer Solstice Olive

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