Thursday, February 4, 2010

Knit or Crochet How to Convert Your Knitting or Crochet Projects

Knit or Crochet--Have it Your Way: 15 Fun Projects with Complete Hook and Needle Instructions for Each
If you are a knitter sometimes you may come across a project that is in crochet that as a knitter you would like to make but the project is crocheted.  Maybe you know how to knit but lack the crochet skills to make certain projects.  It is the same for crocheters who may want to convert knitting projects into crochet. 

Changing a pattern from knitting to crochet isn't as easy as replacing stitches with single crochet.

Margaret Hubert is a longtime knitter and crocheter shows how challenging and fun it can be to convert patterns. In her book Knit or Crochet--Have it Your Way:  she makes it relatively easy to from knitting to crochet and visa versa. 

The patterns are fairly easy and the instruction are easy to follow.  The patterns include scarf, slippers, sweaters, hats and more.  This book is a great resource for knitters and crocheters to learn how to convert patterns and complete some great projects.

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