Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Creating a Thanksgiving Scrapbook Album Filled with Thankful Memories

As the holidays come and go each year it nice to relive them with a special scrapbook created for each special occasion.

Thanksgiving is a special time of year where family and friends have an excuse to get together and enjoy dinner, talk and enjoy visiting with loved ones. To capture those memories you can create a scrapbook album filled with photos, trinkets, leaves, thoughts and ideas from the special day. You can even add memories of the day after and your black shopping day that you may have as a regular tradition with friends or family.

Take lots of photos of family and friends, food, decorations, pets, outdoors and more when at the celebration and once you have them printed get ready to organize those photos.
As far as the photos go it's up to the scrapbooker to organize and layout the photos in the way they want them in the book.
Gather up ideas of what each family member is thankful for and include them in your scrapbook.
Once your pictures are placed in the book start adding text. Use colorful papers, patterns, and stickers to embellish your Thanksgiving Theme scrapbook.
Create a why I am thankful scrapbook, or just share family traditions and photos in your own way.

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