Monday, October 26, 2009

Create Glass Plates, Bowls, and Home Decor Great for Gift Giving

Uroboros Clear 10 Circle - 90 Coe
Uroboros Clear 10 Circle - 90 Coe

Create fused glass plates, bowls and home decor the easy way! Use pre-cut glass circles.
Create Your Own Fused Glass Pates
Step-by-Step: Make A Fused Plate in an Afternoon
See project images below.
1. Choose a corresponding plate mold size to slump glass circles in. Use two pre-cut glass circles for best results.
2. Decorate glass circle. Celebration plate created with Liquid Stringer frit and confetti.
3. Fuse glass circles together. Slump into plate mold.

Create Your Own Fused Glass Pates
Create Glass Plates - perfect for gift giving

Make Your Own Christmas Plates
Fused Glass Plates Fun Winter CraftFree Shipping on Stained Glass Christmas Decorations

System 96 Fusing Studio Kit - 96 Coe

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