Friday, June 19, 2009

Decorating Assistant Organizer is Ideal for Anyone Decorating a Home

This Decorating Assistant Organizer is ideal for anyone decorating a home. Featuring three (3) spiral bound room organizing files, a sturdy file holder and a stylish see-through designer tote. The DA includes directions on "how to draw your own floor plan", decorating tips & inspiration, 30 room identifying labels for room files, 12 pieces of grid paper, 1 transferable metal sheet and 79 perforated magnetic furniture pieces with storage. Each room file features a sleeve for your floor plan, a display page for color coordination and shopping, storage for 20 business cards and 2 large expandable pockets with closures; one for receipts, warranties, contracts and the other for larger samples like carpet, fabrics, tile, etc. The file holder stores the room files with additional space for magazines, tape measure, camera and more. The carry-all tote has storage for a beverage, cell phone, pen, pencil and a clip for car keys. It is designed to go from home, to the car, to the store. Constructed with Mesh, Faux Leather, and Polished Nickel Hardware.

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