Saturday, March 28, 2009

Learn How To Use The Cricut Design Studio

Are You Tired of Spending Your Precious Scrapbooking Time Trying to Figure Out the Design Studio software?"

We can save you hours of frustration and failed
attempts to create the cuttings you want! - Read More about this Useful Guide --
If you want to save hours of frustration trying to 'figure out' the software, learn what the expert designers already know, or even if you just want to be able to cut connected words and shadows, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Cricut Machine with 1 Cartridge

Here's why...

* You won't find the directions you need to create in Design Studio from the "manual".
o Other than the basic functions, the "manual" leaves you high and dry when it comes to answering the "How do I...?" questions.

* You will save hours of frustrating trial and error.
o Nothing is more frustrating than having a specific idea in mind and not being able to make the machine do what it needs to do to make it happen!
o It only makes it worse when you finally think you have it figured out, only to cut and ruin another piece of specialty paper.
* This will teach you how to:
o weld individual images and letters together to form one cutting
o create shadows for welded words and images
o quickly find the exact shape you need without searching through each cartridge
o position the cutting precisely where you want it on the mat (you can use those scraps of cardstock you've been saving and know for sure that they will line up with the cutting)
o update your Firmware...and why it is vital you do it
o how to manipulate a letter or image to make it the exact shape you need for your project
o use multiple cutting mats and layers in one project
o weld an image inside of a frame
o much, much more! Learn More -

Cricut Storage Tote

Cricut Font Cartridge: Base Camp

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