Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Caron The Ultimate Sweater Knitting Machine

Deluxe Model includes: Extension kit, Row Counter, Intarsia Keyplate
Knit 600 Stitches in a minute
Make cables, lace, picture knits, tuck stitch, fair isle and other fancy stitches
Comes with instructional video, picture instruction book and 12-pattern design book.
Limited lifetime warranty
This ''Ultimate Deluxe Model'' sweater machine is truly remarkable! You don't need any knowledge of hand knitting to create beautiful sweaters and scarves. Knits fancy yarns from pencil roving through textured boucle yarns, in all fibers! Easily knit these sweaters and so much more! Scarves, afghans, etc! Your designs will look like they were made by a professional hand knitter!

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