Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to Scrapbook on a Budget

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When money is tight and you need to cut your budget but love to scrapbook here are some ideas and suggestions that may help you keep the hobby you love and still make great scrapbooks.

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Look for ribbons, buttons, storage ideas, etc at garage sales and thrift shops. Go to store such as Walmart (check out their clearance area by the craft section) and even dollar stores carry craft items including paper, yarn, ribbon etc.

Get the most of your supplies - trace items and cut them out on die cut paper, chipboard etc, rather than using the original just make your own.

Join a local scrapbooking group where you can share tools, exchange ideas and products.

Look for free patterns, downloads and ideas online. Scrapbook.com has free ideas, projects, ecuts, forums, ebooks and other things, including a coupon section to save money on a variety of products.

Save buttons and threads from clothing that your purchase or old clothing that you may want to get rid of.
Make sure that you only purchase what you need for your current project and not buy things on impulse just because you like them.
For Scrapbooking Ideas, Coupons and Projects check out the following Web Sites...

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