Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bathroom Window Privacy with Wallpaper for Windows

You CAN Love your Glass Doors. Over a dozen ways to transform your glass door into a decorative focal point. Includes ways to improve privacy or obscure an undesirable view. Easy to do and very affordable.

In model home master bathrooms, vast windows over whirlpool tubs seem elegant and relaxing. In reality, they quickly pose a privacy problem.

Kathy Sullivan encountered that situation in her Utah home, which included a 6-by-4-foot bathroom window that faced traffic. If she installed blinds, she’d lose the beauty of the natural light streaming into the room. She looked into frosting the glass, but the $300 to $400 price tag put her off.
Instead, she found a beautiful, effective solution for a fof the cost in Wallpaper for Windows.
“It’s wonderful stuff,” Sullivan said of the product, which she has installed on several windows in her home, including the large bathroom window. She’s fielding plenty of compliments from people who visit to see her new home and ask where she got the beautiful windows.

Wallpaper for Windows adds a decorative accent to any row while obscuring visibility through windows that might face a busy street, or an undesirable view.

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